How To Create Music For Your New Computer Games

Hey, this is Dmytro Byelay. I’ve recently distributed another PC game called Smiley COMMANDOS and might want to share some “melodic” minutes with you.

To start with, let me admit, I really do have some melodic foundation, similar to a music school around quite a while back, which I nearly quit a couple of times, cause I loathed scales and sound of an old style music at that point. I likewise figure out how to play jazz piano with my companions in a nearby band called DI-Jazz nowadays.

In this way, a month prior I was completing a charming little computer game with unique interactivity I called Smiley COMMANDOS. This was a group of one individual game, however it ended up being a cool system with a unique ongoing interaction and high replay esteem, so I’m glad for it : )

As a game software engineer and planner, I for the most part focused on the programming, artificial intelligence, by and large game plan, interactivity adjusting and pleasant designs. At the point when the hour of distributing was close I realized I had no music or sound fx, however trusting that my melodic experience would allow me rapidly to pass the phase of designing sounds betflik and a foundation tune at a time the prior night delivering a game to the market.

Man, was I off-base!

First I thought I’d play some jazz spontaneous creation on my expert advanced piano, which would sound sensibly great, move it to my PC, and use it for the foundation tune. Yamaha consoles additionally have some decent solid fx at various pitches, I could utilize worked in reverb or other post process fx on top of them, and that would cover my requirements for the UI (UI) sounds, similar to fasten clicks, button over sounds, and so on.

I went through all sound fx on my Clavinova, and recorded a couple. Making a spic and span jazz tune some way or another didn’t have any desire to fit in the game, so following a day of attempting to turn into a game music writer, I took off from the piano with no soundtrack and a few ungainly fx for my game – Smiley COMMANDOS.

At long last, I asked my companion Michael, who’s in game turn of events, and he encouraged me to uncover my old music programming Cd I allowed him quite a while back, and search for a piece of a product called Sonic Foundry Corrosive Expert. Michael sent me a couple of tunes he made in like 10 minutes each and I was completely enchanted with the hot sounds and rhythms!

I downloaded bundle of free Corrosive circles and began to play with my Corrosive Master. I should say that it was an exceptionally wonderful expansion to my experience of making new PC games.

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