How to Install MP3 Songs in Your LG VX9800 Cell Phone

On the off chance that you have one of the cool LG VX9800 cells and can’t help thinking about how you get MP3 tunes into the telephone, here is a short instructional exercise on the best way to do that. Simple to follow and simple to do. You’ll stick new tunes on your PDA right away.

The primary slip-up numerous clients make in attempting to get MP3’s on their LG VX9800 is that they just addition the card into the telephone. This won’t work and the phone will let you know that it can not view as any Mp3’s.

What you really want to do is design the card for your mobile phone. You do this by embedding the SD card into the VX9800 first. Then, at that point, eliminate the SD card and addition it into your PC. Your PC ought to let you know that new equipment was found.

Contingent upon what kind of PC and programming¬†youtube mp3 converter you have, you might see a catalog posting with names, for example, MY FLIX, My Sounds, My PIX, My MP3. Select “My MP3” and afterward move the tunes you need into this organizer. Discharge and reinsert the SD card into your VX9800.

One thing you ought to remember is that you really want to keep the Name of the MP3 tune to 43 characters or less or the telephone won’t show the MP3.

I likewise hear a many individuals griping that the wireless doesn’t perceive their MP3 melodies when truth be told, they have the tunes in some unacceptable organization. Sounds entertaining I know, however the melodies must be in a MP3 design, not a DRM.

On the off chance that you generally disapprove of the MP3’s appearing in the VX9800, you might need to get a WMA to MP3 converter. There are a few puts on the Web where you can view these as.

For Macintosh clients, you might need to change over the .aac melodies to MP3 to inspire them to work. You can do this effectively in iTunes. This is the way.

In your library, feature the tune or melodies you need to change over. Go to iTunes inclinations, high level, bringing in. Ensure that the Import utilizing pull down menu shows MP3 Encoder. Close inclinations and in iTunes click on the High level draw down menu. With the tune or melodies you need to change over still featured, pick convert to mp3. After it’s done you will have two duplicates of every tune you changed over. The first aac and the new mp3. You can erase the aac or keep both. The mp3s can be moved into the MY MP3s envelope on your MiniSD (ensure you don’t place them in the MY MP3 Playlist organizer) card then the card can be placed into your LG VX9800 cell.

Presently you’re prepared to stick out to the most recent melodies on your VX9800!

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